A not so tearful goodbye...

Apr 10, 2019

We promised Scarlett we would buy her a small animal shortly before moving from Washington.  So one of our first stops after unloading our life into yet another home, was Petco.  This little fuzzy lady was sitting in the front of the store available for adoption, and we knew she was the one.

We immediately fell in love with her little cuddly face and tiny squished nose. We called her Scrambles.  

Little did we know that I would be so very allergic to everything about her.  Her fur and her hay wouldn't have been a problem if the kids hadn't predictably stopped doing anything to help take care of her.  On Saturday while cleaning the cage, allergy induced tears running down my face between each annoying sneeze, I started texting everyone we know asking if they were interested in adopting a sweet, lovable, guinea pig.  I had enough! And thankfully my sister-in-law said they would take her.  I finished cleaning, changed out of my fur covered clothes, stopped scratching my red rimmed eyes, and counted down the hours till we could send her off to a loving home.  

When the time came to pack Scrambles up, I had a moment of sadness knowing that we were going to pass her along to another loving family, but knowing that she is getting snuggled daily makes me  happy.