We did something big...

May 7, 2019

We bought a house.  Not just any house.  My house, the house I grew up in.  A house that even with all of its changes and upgrades, still holds the same bones of my memory.

My parents bought this house after a fleeting episode of trying something new in Atlanta, GA and subsequently turning around and moving us in with my Granny. My memories of that time are blurry at best.  But I do remember long card games at the dinner table, and milk with ice cubes for breakfast.  There was always a Daily Bread reading before school, and an old Bible with tissue paper thin sheets by the bed side, filled with notes and prayers for loved ones.

When I was in third grade, we moved into this home.  I remember walls filled with hand stenciled ivy and a kitchen covered with a border of roosters.  The years moved on and the house filled with memories. Christmas parties, late night movies booming through the walls, my sister and I playing Barbie hair salon until every barbie was practically bald, swimming all summer long, making music videos with a shoulder held camcorder, cardboard races down the grass hill in the front yard, zooming down the steep hill on our bikes and crash landing in my neighbors front yard, prom photos, engagement parties, living in a RV in the driveway when Chris and I were between houses.  So many memories fill this space, and I'm just waiting to see how many more we can make.

Starting with this one...the annoying process of getting my kids to all smile at the same time to document the occasion of buying a home and finally realizing this is as good as it is ever going to get.