Wedding season...

May 9, 2019

We are far beyond the season of our lives in which every weekend is a new love story celebrated under candle light and champagne toasts.  But we do have a chance to attend a wedding here and there, and every time we do, I love it.  I love watching the groom watch the bride, I love the smiles of all the bridal party and the joy radiating from the congregation. I love watching a long anticipated moment come to fruition. All the planning and decision making turned into pure celebration.

And even better is watching it through the eyes of a child.  Just the amount of sweets they can stuff into their mouths because mom and dad aren't looking is enough to make any child love weddings.  But add to that an unlimited amount of live music, wild dancing until the wee hours, and actually being able to make requests to a DJ that will listen (hence the fact we danced to "Baby Shark" three times).  Pure unadulterated joy. 

All that to say, my sister in law was married last weekend, and her vision for a back yard wedding was a raging success.  Cheers to a lifetime of love, laughter, and lots of healthy communication.