Birthday parties, or experiences?

Dec 17, 2019

I fall heavily in the birthday experience category.  I would chose a weekend away or trip to a fancy restaurant over a birthday party every time. I have found that I like to give my kids the choice every year to choose their own celebration and it always varies.

This year was Scarletts golden birthday (she turned 10 on the 10th) and she wanted to go big.  Her weekend was full to say the least.  My mom surprised her with a trip to Hollywood to see Frozen at the Pantages Theatre, followed by a rainy jaunt to the new Funko (a familiar Everett stomping ground, but brand new in LA, lets just felt like home), and diner in downtown.  Tuesday was her actual birthday and she requested a mommy daughter date to universal studios.  I haven't been there for years and lets just say I spent the day reminded that in the past 10 years my motion sickness has definitely kicked it up a notch.  I grimaced every time I saw the words "people with motion sickness should not ride this ride".  I hung in there for most for the day and survived every ride with a combination of closing my eyes and staring at the floor. Thankfully my constant state of queasy was cured by the smile on Scarletts face when she was chosen for the Olivander experience, and the giant hug at the end of the day and a "thanks mom, this was the best birthday ever". 

Happy golden birthday my baby.