Family traditions...

Jan 7, 2020

The weekend after Thanksgiving I pulled out a total of 12 huge boxes of holiday decor.  Between my parents and us we had an abundance of breakable bulbs and could have decorated 5 different Christmas trees in a variety of themes.  I spent an entire week sorting through what was worth keeping and what was going to the nearest goodwill.  I realized with a lot of things in my life lately, I want to surround myself with only the things that have meaning.  I'm tired of buying fluff, and if my still blank white walls didn't already speak for themselves, I'm tired of clutter.  I want to be surrounded by purpose.  Things that I made, or things that were passed down.   Things that have stories that have been and will be repeated in our family for years.  Things that will hopefully mean something to my kids in 20 years when they have their own families.  All that to say, we whittled 12 boxes down to 3, and not only do I feel lighter, so does my garages storage box to floor space ratio.

Things that made the cut:

A homemade felt advent calendar - Shortly after having Scarlett I was bit by the crafting bug.  I had 6 weeks maternity leave and I was determined to make use of every minute.  I spent hours roaming the aisles of Michaels, and crafted this felt advent calendar while dreaming of my future children daily fighting over whose turn it was to put the tiny ornament on the tree.  Dreams do come true.

Christmas book advent activity:
At the beginning of every advent season I spend an evening wrapping our vast collection of Christmas literature as a special way to finish our advent evenings, reading a book together by the roaring fire quickly became a favorite family tradition.

A puzzle made by my grandfather and given to my parents in 1985...