Camping with babies...

Jul 21, 2011

Fourth of July weekend...I know this post is long overdue...we went camping with some friends who have a set of twin boys a little younger than Scarlett.   In their infinite (raising twin boys) wisdom, The Bairds brought numerous tarps to cover as much of the "favorite play toy of the weekend" (aka dirt) as they could. Yet all three toddlers founds ways to scoop, smear, smudge, throw and eat the pieces of Earth the adults couldn't cover,  transforming them, head to toe, a dark shade of brown that lasted the entire three days.  With no complaining of too much dirt from the kids, the parents gave up the fight against the Earth within twenty minutes of arrival.

So, as tarps were laid, babies where brown and beer was in hand, we wasted away our weekend.  Perfectly happy with the blazing hot sun, early morning strolls, day time hikes, pine cones, blue birds, night time cuddles by the fire, smores, sleeping bags, blankets, bugs bites, sunscreen, and dirt, dirt, dirt.

I took 317 pictures over this in an attempt to keep from overwhelming you with my trigger happy photo finger...I will warn you that the rest of this post is extremely photo heavy.  Enjoy if you dare.

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