A week of firsts...

May 4, 2013

Dominic got his first tooth...and look who is sitting up...this is by far my favorite stage.  Sitting and no crawling.

 photo 5A73A183-E450-4E1A-B509-94481F2FF466-5248-00000611863D9483_zps8b0b40f5.jpg photo B5FD9794-F799-492A-A6E7-7C8E136A3E50-5248-000006119E8D0450_zps9c1c0c3e.jpg

Also, Scarlett had her first mommy/daughter/grandma  pedicure date.  Thanks grandma.

And of course Scarlett chose pink with sparkles. 

 photo 169E9E08-975C-4C6D-9DDC-6FDD80F932B3-5248-0000061175D324DD_zpsb740e814.jpg

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