Every morning I wake up...

May 6, 2013

Scarlett wakes me up most mornings, and because we are in tight quarters her early morning conversation usually wakes up her brother. As soon as she hears his subtle coos, she lets me know, and then asks if she can see him.  Regardless of his level of awake she is in his crib within the first 30 seconds of stirring  The poor guy doesn't even get 45 seconds to open his eyes before a giant girl is invading his space, flipping him over and giving him an early morning kiss on the lips.  And yet, he always greets her with a smile.  His coos get louder and within minutes she is singing him and song and he is laughing at her creative lyrics.  

I love spending time spying on my two little's...even if it makes me 15 minutes late to work EVERY DAY! Watching them bond is worth every tardy minute.

 photo 001_zpsd29d4bbe.jpg photo 002_zps787c7ee4.jpg

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