When you give a kid a spoon...

Jul 23, 2013

he is going to want the whole avocado.  And he is going to be the happiest little boy in town.

(Please excuse the extreme amount of photography on the blog with this kid, sitting in this chair, with a face full of food...I just can't pass up the perfect lighting and serious cute that radiates from his tiny little pea head.)

 photo 012_zps7b2bdf8b.jpg photo 013_zpsce623f45.jpg photo 015_zps7429fad5.jpg photo 016_zps5bdd515a.jpg photo 017_zpsd4cbb7e0.jpg photo 019_zps67de57b9.jpg photo 018_zps4e7380ff.jpg photo 020_zps2bf81157.jpg photo 021_zps4eee51e8.jpg

Needless to say he went straight into the bathtub.