Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Costume party...

Scarlett was invited to a costume party and LOVED every minute.  There were crafts and games and toys galore.  This costume party worked out great because Scarlett has 1 million costume ideas this year.  First she wanted to be Belle, then a mermaid, then a kitty, then a fairy, then the tooth fairy. I let her pick two, one for the party and one for trick or treating.  The only problem with the party was that Scarlett was very confused when the night didn't conclude with a bag full of candy.

 photo 023_zps23464b74.jpg photo 022_zps4d705b9c.jpg photo 025_zps6c117cb8.jpg photo 027_zps667da443.jpg photo ghost_zpsa3ce47c6.jpg  photo 045_zps43c24624.jpg photo 043_zpsf0a93829.jpg photo 048_zpsaa90e1de.jpg photo 050_zps98e2bdce.jpg photo party_zps2f453f29.jpg

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pinterest does it again...

Seriously, my love affair with all things within the category of pinterest toddler time waster continues.  Saw this hammock, had to give it a try and boy did it make Scarletts afternoon.  If you are looking for something to occupy your child and waste away the last afternoon hours of "are we going to make it till bedtime?", this is it.  Scarlett had a blast and I was able to cook dinner without over cooking anything.  Win, win.

 photo 001_zpsfba9dbce.jpg photo 002_zps4c2bfc74.jpg photo 004_zps25cd10ba.jpg photo 008_zps72eabce2.jpg photo 010_zpseb11ef10.jpg

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkin carving...

We finally had a night at home with the whole family and decided to carve pumpkins.  Scarlett complained about the goopy insides and spent most of her time running in and out of the house to grab the jack-o-lantern stickers on the remaining pumpkins to use as stencils.   Heon joined in the fun and spent most of his time perplexed by the idea of carving a face into a bright orange fruit.  I spent most of my time skipping the scooping and sticking to a strict paint only method.  I am not a huge fan of pumpkin innards, they pretty much gross me out.  

 photo 139_zps28482fea.jpg photo 138_zps2331cd08.jpg photo 140_zpse60ce8be.jpg photo 141_zps92751c0c.jpg photo 148_zpsb464a1de.jpg photo 152_zpsde8ac363.jpg photo face_zps0026e035.jpg photo 173_zps744ed144.jpg photo 161_zps4b628684.jpg photo 162_zps3590b90b.jpg photo 166_zps87bc006a.jpg photo 171_zps575cc898.jpg photo 168_zps4553761b.jpg