Mary, mary, quite contrary...

Mar 25, 2014

how does your garden grow?

We moved into our home in June of last year and one of the first things we did was pull out the ugly bushes on the side of our concrete jungle, with the intention of planting a garden.  Almost a full year later, we are finally planting.  Now, we are terrible gardeners, but we love the idea of having a garden, picking fresh fruits and herbs to serve in our ever growing repertoire of recipes. 

But, seriously, we are terrible gardeners, so we are taking a risk and hoping that 1) we don't forget to water them, and 2) Dominic the dinosaur doesn't destroy any chance they currently have at life.  We have already caught him trying to squash them with the hose. 

So how does our garden grow...well, most of the time it just doesn't.  Let's see if a little love and a prayer can change things this time around.

 photo 001_zpse34dc8ce.jpg photo 002_zpsfa798eac.jpg photo 003_zps32f737e7.jpg photo 004_zps36cde643.jpg photo 006_zpsa7f2f687.jpg photo 008_zps701e391b.jpg photo 005_zps25a8df8b.jpg photo 010_zps8c0cb3a3.jpg photo 011_zpsae3d5f4f.jpg photo 012_zps6c194027.jpg photo 013_zpse253a3b8.jpg photo 015_zps1445c75d.jpg photo 024_zpsc1d127f0.jpg