Thursday, September 24, 2015


Last Tuesday was the day Scarlett has been waiting for for at least two years...her first ballet class.

 photo 8ECEB1B2-0F58-4F2B-B894-5C61CCFEA271_zpsa1zu984i.jpg photo 379C4DFB-FA05-42CE-BDAE-8AFFD6DF5E3A_zpsgtzyut6v.jpg photo F11CC9CA-286D-43F0-AD3F-2B5E64FB5BF2_zpsdtyppvfw.jpg

Friday, September 18, 2015


At some point quickly after moving into our new house Dominic and Scarlett started playing "karate".  Ultimately this just means, pull all the sheets off mom and dads bed and jump around until someone gets hurt while listening to loud music on moms phone.  It usually gives Chris and I enough time every evening to make dinner before someone is kicked in the face or falls off the bed.

 photo 056_zps5atsyejl.jpg photo 048_zpsmjclsx6o.jpg photo 047_zpsomufeeak.jpg photo 046_zpshsfmh5yj.jpg photo 051_zpsjo3iog79.jpg photo 053_zps6ls1ibtp.jpg photo 054_zps2gsnxyxt.jpg

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A death wish...

My kids have no fear and sometimes I swear they are actually trying to hurt themselves.

 photo 025_zpsy8oeqj3y.jpg photo 027_zpsyf7thied.jpg photo 029_zpsf9amc8hz.jpg photo 030_zpsxuwzr29n.jpg photo 031_zpslmwltiyy.jpg photo 032_zpsuoykzzuy.jpg photo 034_zpsppltsrnj.jpg photo 035_zps005tugfr.jpg photo 036_zpssrqcwka5.jpg photo 037_zps3gd0zqxg.jpg photo 038_zpshh2hbbud.jpg photo 039_zpsb0xradwb.jpg photo 041_zps8r9gpt3w.jpg

Monday, September 14, 2015

Bringing out the big guns...

It has been way too long since I actually took a picture that wasn't a "quick, catch that moment" shot on my phone.  It felt good to hear the click of the camera and to try my best to manage the manual setting on my DSLR again.  P.S. My kids are getting too big, too fast.

 photo 002_zpse9thltso.jpg photo 003_zpsmgeoigrx.jpg photo 004_zpsnbhhnqo2.jpg photo 005_zpst0bdouzh.jpg photo 006_zpsdahqwstt.jpg photo 007_zpsylakqnqa.jpg photo 008_zpsx3cbpouc.jpg photo 009_zps3wzjkynf.jpg photo 011_zpssneswats.jpg photo 012_zpsg93k5bqq.jpg photo 013_zps0yzesg1a.jpg photo 015_zpstarzgs5j.jpg
 photo 019_zps3xrpazq7.jpg photo 020_zps4l3c0l1i.jpg photo 021_zps1hzrxgaa.jpg photo 022_zpswcmqmvub.jpg photo 024_zpsf378tbaj.jpg