Friday, April 27, 2012

Dearest baby...

At eleven weeks unborn you have already made quite a splash in our little family of soon to be four.  Your father and I love you, but unfortunately have had very little time or energy to start preparing ourselves for the reality of your arrival.  We have a little over six months before we get to greet you with kisses to your tiny hands and feet, but right now I am just going to focus on making it through the next couple of weeks.

The addition of you to my body has caused quite an unwelcome stir in my digestive system.  My nose is working on overtime, picking up any scent within a mile radius and labeling it all unbearable.  My gag reflex is set to a timer of every 5 minutes and the thought of stuffing anything in my mouth to calm the hunger induced nausea  is worse than the nausea itself.  Just when I am about to give up all hope of ever feeling "normal" again, you give me a day long break, only to slap me back into first trimester reality within the next 24 hours.  As you will learn and as your dad has so patiently assisted, I do not do "sick" well.  I have been short tempered from exhaustion, emotional from the hormones and overwhelmed from the thought of adding another human into our household.  Your dad just keeps reminding me that "this too shall pass" and I keep reminding myself that in 6 months all of the worry and fear will be put at ease with the sound of your tiny cry breaking its way into our busy world. 

On the other hand, watching your sister prepare for your arrival has been absolutely beautiful.  She is convinced that you are a brother.  Always approaching my growing belly with a "hello baby" and a definitive , "he is not ready to come out".  She loves you already.  Her motherly instincts have kicked into overdrive, providing comfort for her baby dolls on a daily basis.  My only fear is that she will be overly protective of her sibling, covering you with unwanted kisses, smothering you with soft blankets, shoving toys into your tiny fingers, or sneaking food into your open mouth.  Luckily we have 6 more months to prepare her for the do's and dont's of your arrival. 

We are so excited to watch you blossom little one. You have already taught us more about the meaning of family, and brought us closer to the heart of God.  We can't wait to continue to grow with you, one day at a time. 

Your family

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Scarletts new favorite game...

Cowboy and horse.


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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Easter...yes it was three weeks ago

Our Easter this year was a half success.  Scarlett woke up to a basket from the Easter bunny and was very thankful for all of her new gadgets and time killing toys.


We dressed up and headed to church and after Scarlett joined the other toddlers in a very exciting Easter egg hunt.  Scarlett definitely got the idea this year and eventually put down her basket (it was slowing her down) and starting grabbing arm fulls of candy filled eggs. 

Scarlett telling me she got five eggs...the sugar rush meltdown we had in the car tells me it was more.  

After church we made the two hour drive to San Diego to celebrate with Chris's family and I spent the remainder of the evening in a nausea induced coma.  After the two hour drive there and three hour traffic filled drive back I absolutely know what first trimester hell looks like. Throwing up in a  plastic coffee cup while sitting in traffic...check that off of my things to do before 30 list.  

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rain, rain...

We are back...or at least I finally transferred all 100+ photos onto the computer and am ready to overwhelm you with pictures of our absence via this here blog...including Easter.   

A few weeks ago we have some pretty heavy rain...and during one of my "I can't believe I am still alive, I'm going to lay like a blob on the couch" kicks, Chris decided to take Scarlett puddle jumping.  All I have to say about that cute and total success.


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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Scarlett says...

I slept in Monday morning and listened to daddy and Scarlett have a conversation over breakfast that went something like this:

Scarlett:  the Easter bunny brought me this basket
Chris: Yep
Scarlett: that was so nice, we should call him and say "thank you"
Chris:  I don't think the Easter bunny has a phone

The rest of the day went like this...
Scarlett: can we call the Easter bunny?
Us: sure honey, in just a minute
Chris (under his breath): what male can we call that she wouldn't recognize?
Chris (to Scarlett after trying to call a few friends):   Oh no, looks like the Easter bunny is busy. 

Thankfully that excuse was enough for Scarlett...until next year.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Practice makes perfect...

Scarlett is so excited for her baby brother or sister...

She spends most days, feeding, rocking or putting her baby to sleep and when baby starts "crying", Scarlett will inevitably look at me and say "baby wants her mommy" and pass the baby over for some professional comfort.  It is too cute.


We took Scarlett to the first ultra sound with us and explained that we were going to see the baby.  Although she didn't quite understand the tiny blob on the screen was a living sibling she wouldn't let go of the babies first picture and demanded that it join us for breakfast.


I am so excited to grow bigger and walk through each of these pregnancy steps with Scarlett in tow.  She is such a little sponge and really seems to understand that there will be a tiny addition to our family in 7 months.

P.S.  Every afternoon when I am leaning over the toilet Scarlett is there rubbing my back and saying "it's okay mommy, I still love you".  If it wasn't such a frustrating and gross time in my day I would say that it is the most special moment between us as mother and daughter. She really is a comfort in this seemingly never ending first trimester.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Movie Monday...

I made this movie for Chris and sent it in a text message.  Thought I would show it to you...

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Family secret...


Yes, baby number two is on his/her way.  At about 8 weeks my body is working overtime to keep everything down. Hoping that the little sips of juice and bites of cracker will give me enough energy to make it to my 8 o'clock bed time.

On a positive note I will be enjoying the next few months of shaving my own legs, sleeping through the night and only making two or three trips to the bathroom during the day.  Here we go. 

P.S. Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  Unfortunately I have just enough energy to get through the day, leaving little to none for anything extracurricular like blogging, taking pictures or capturing any of the awesome things that Scarlett has been doing lately.  

P.P.S.  If you get a chance check out my sister in laws blog...I have a very special nephew on the way who can use lots of prayer.   Thanks!

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