Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mary, mary, quite contrary...

how does your garden grow?

We moved into our home in June of last year and one of the first things we did was pull out the ugly bushes on the side of our concrete jungle, with the intention of planting a garden.  Almost a full year later, we are finally planting.  Now, we are terrible gardeners, but we love the idea of having a garden, picking fresh fruits and herbs to serve in our ever growing repertoire of recipes. 

But, seriously, we are terrible gardeners, so we are taking a risk and hoping that 1) we don't forget to water them, and 2) Dominic the dinosaur doesn't destroy any chance they currently have at life.  We have already caught him trying to squash them with the hose. 

So how does our garden grow...well, most of the time it just doesn't.  Let's see if a little love and a prayer can change things this time around.

 photo 001_zpse34dc8ce.jpg photo 002_zpsfa798eac.jpg photo 003_zps32f737e7.jpg photo 004_zps36cde643.jpg photo 006_zpsa7f2f687.jpg photo 008_zps701e391b.jpg photo 005_zps25a8df8b.jpg photo 010_zps8c0cb3a3.jpg photo 011_zpsae3d5f4f.jpg photo 012_zps6c194027.jpg photo 013_zpse253a3b8.jpg photo 015_zps1445c75d.jpg photo 024_zpsc1d127f0.jpg

Monday, March 17, 2014

Los Padres Supper Club...

I hesitate to post this because, 1) this was the dinner party that Chris and I hosted, 2) I wasn't super proud of the food and 3) I am the only one that takes pictures, so with the single fact that I spent most of my time cooking in the kitchen,  their aren't any. 

Regardless, I would do my personal blog book of memories an injustice by not posting it...so here goes:

Chris and I hosted our dinner on February 15th, so with the day of St. Valentine the evening prior, we went with the theme of All Saints Day.  Now what this really meant was that we could cook good food and then just tag a Saint to the dish and call it good.  Because in all realization, there is a Saint for almost ANYTHING.  Can you tell we planned this dinner with only one month to spare?

Pass Appetizers - St. Lawrence of Rome (Patron Saint of Cooks)
Don't have a picture of this one...it was figs stuffed with honey bourbon goat cheese, topped with walnuts and goat cheese pecan truffles with fresh no knead bread...but here is a picture of our transformed back yard.

 photo 022_zpsd3bcc064.jpg

First course - Saint Neot (Patron Saint of Fish) Oil Poached Tuna, served atop a fennel and shallot salad, topped with a blood orange slice, crispy fennel, and cilantro

 photo 026_zps28960933.jpg photo 027_zps10b11fa7.jpg

Second course - Cauliflower and leek soup with garlic confit oil, homemade croutons and beet chips
Saint Isidore (Patron Saint of Farmers)

 photo 030_zps0e189ee2.jpg

Third course - Winter Enchiladas (butternut squash and chirizo served in a homemade corn tortilla topped with a spicy winter sauce, creme mexicana and cotija)  Saint James, the son of Zebedee (Patron Saint of Spain)

 photo 034_zps7e3bb508.jpg photo 031_zps6408b501.jpg

Forth course - Champagne pallet cleanser - Saint Valentine
 photo 036_zpscd33018d.jpg

Fifth course  - Rabbit braised in Belgian ale served with lemon browned brussel sprouts and homemade buttermilk biscuits.  Saint Melangell (Patron Saint of Rabbits)
We also created a artichoke pate stuffed roulade from the center cut of the rabbit

 photo 039_zps7e40433b.jpg photo 006_zps00ec55d1.jpg photo 007_zps21c49809.jpg photo 008_zps610579f4.jpg photo 016_zpsd86bcae0.jpg

Sixth course - Honey pots de creme topped with a vanilla whipped cream and honey lace cookie
Saint Ambrose (Patron Saint of Beekeepers)

 photo 044_zpsd7d1fadf.jpg photo 042_zps7d565629.jpg photo 010_zps53517d27.jpg

Friday, March 14, 2014


This week I have intentionally looked at my kids, at the little pieces of them that make them everything that they are. At the tender, shy, honest heart of our powerful, inquisitive daughter and at the lonely, passionate, needy outbursts of our emotional second born son.  I have been noticing the little moments that make me smile, the moments that make my heart swell with pure unblemished happiness.   I have been so blessed by these two human beings, and every day when they are tucked into their beds, I miss them.  The second that the door closes on our day together my heart aches for one more outburst so I can soothe them with a tight hug and a Eskimo kiss.   I want one more hour in our day to soak in every possible facet of them, every angle of their person.

I want to know them, and smile, smile at the way Dominic throws his food because he is so mad at his lack of words and guide him to expand his vocabulary past "no", "mommy", "yellow" and "ball".  I want to smile at Scarlett when she asks me over and over where she is going that day, smile through the constant battle regarding my lack of being able to stay home from work, to help her understand how blessed she is to be surrounded by so many people that love her and give their time for her security.

I want to find my children every day.  I want to miss them when they go to sleep and look forward to seeing their faces in the morning.  I want to embrace every part of them, the adventurous spirits and frustrated emotions.  I want to smile, with them, at them and around them.

 photo 1DCA77D2-A00A-4A2C-B8EA-68A339A68A9E_zps8kookfvo.jpg photo FA8D10F6-7783-4C73-A9F9-951CA7B91858_zpslf08huwy.jpg photo 002_zps05c028eb.jpg photo 009_zps1a07bcea.jpg photo 013_zps00328f84.jpg

Also, we apparently have ducks that live on our street during mating season.  And plus also, Dominic is OBSESSED with animals, seriously, completely obsessed.  He spent 45 minutes in complete bliss following these ducks around the cul-de-sac.