Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Turning corners...

We have finally turned a corner in our morning routine.   Scarlett is 100% dressing herself.  Underwear and all. Last week she walked into our bedroom at 6 in the morning fully dressed and ready to convince us it was time to go.  This quick switch of interest in dressing herself came as a complete surprise to me, but one that I readily accepted.  So now instead of fighting with her to put her arms in the holes or stop kicking her legs, I have to fight with her to put on a short sleeve shirt instead of the thick thermals that she keeps digging out of the back of her dresser.  I think after a week of sweating through her continual long sleeve choice she finally understands why I keep thrusting tank tops in her direction and kindly suggesting that maybe they might be a better decision in this 90 degree weather.  But so far so good...and the end results of her fashion choice always induce a little giggle from her two biggest fans. 

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cleaning bug...and major OCD

Last Thursday Scarlett and I had a major cleaning party.  I took out gloves, rags, bleach, windex, toilet bowl cleaner, magic erasers and some sort of eucalyptus, made by nature product for the bath tub and got to work.  Scarlett was interested for all of 1/2 hour and I spent the remaining 6 trying to keep her entertained enough to stay occupied while I went on a pregnant mommy nesting fest.

The afternoon came and went in a frenzy of cleaning supplies and wet sponges.  When I finished I put everything away under the kitchen sink and set to work on dinner, only to find myself interrupted by this obvious obsessive compulsive disorder...either that or she was preparing for a war against germs, bugs and water spots. 


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Monday, September 24, 2012

When tigers attack...

In an effort to pass the time on a lazy Saturday morning, I suggested to Scarlett that we create masks. She screamed tiger and off we went to the land of arts and crafts. Daddy came home and Scarlett insisted that we create one for him as well. When the glue was dry and puff balls expertly placed, Daddy and Scarlett promptly took a venture into the jungle of make believe. Did I mention how much I LOVE watching the two of them play together?



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Friday, September 21, 2012

Daddys dream...

Before Scarlett was born Chris read a story about a father and daughter that kept an on going chess game by the front door and every time one of them came or left the house they would make their next move.  Chris has a dream about one day starting this friendly game play with Scarlett, and as she pulled out the board and asked to play the other day, Chris lit up and started explaining chess to a two year old.  Looks like this tradition could take off before she starts preschool.  (Mostly she just wanted to steal his pieces...but chess playing genius's all have to start somewhere right?)


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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yep...she said that...

Last week Scarlett was using my phone to watch Disney Junior while I was getting ready for work.  From my bedroom I hear "MOM, the phone is not working" (in a whiny voice).  I proceed to walk into the living room and glance at her sitting on the couch pounding away at the screen.  She then  looks me in the eye and says, "the phone stopped working, dammit".

Now I would like to deny ever saying this word, ever, especially within the range of tiny human sponge ears.  But unfortunately a couple of days later I dropped a jar of mayonnaise on the kitchen floor and it exploded EVERYWHERE and the first word uttered from my mouth was "dammit".  I blame the heat and the pregnancy and everything other than the fact that I am a horrible mother and Christian leader that would say a "four letter word" ever, especially around my child. 

Now for the sake of honesty, I will admit that I have probably said this word a handful of times in my life, but it made me instantly sad to see that my daughter had somehow grabbed one of these times, applied the context in her tiny brain and then shoved it back in my face.  My sin in plain sight.  My sister in law just wrote this post on her family blog about just how precious our children's innocence is and how it is my job as her mother to protect and pray for her future. More now than ever I need to pray that I can be a strong Godly influence in her life, that I will be able to teach her what is right and wrong and that when she is in a moment of frustration or surrounded by people with varying moral standards that she will choose what she knows to be right. With this future in mind, I commit to pray for her life and for mine, that God will mold and shape us as we continue the journey of this life...and let's hope this journey includes a little less "dammit" and a lot more "oh man". 

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It is official...

I spent 6 hours at the doctors office yesterday learning about my new diet and being pricked and poked.  My head is swimming with new information and my finger tips are already sore after day one of checking my blood sugar (7 times a day).  I am a little more confident in my remaining 9 weeks of dietary choices, but still wary of what my diabetic future holds. 

Please pray for my sanity as I embark on this new journey of counting calories and twice a week doctor appointments.   Every time I go into the doctor they inform me of some new test that they are going to have to run to ensure my safety and the safety of my child, pray that I will handle each new hurdle with a gracious heart. 

I still have a deep rooted fear of our future and I am quick to become frustrated or overwhelmed.  I know that this is a season and that God is the leader of each step, these reminders keep me from curling up on the couch and giving up.  Also, coming across a new recipe for pumpkin spice creme brulee and dreaming of the day I pop out our nameless little boy so that I can once again fully indulge in the joy that is sugar (with caution).

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Two dreaded words...

Gestational Diabetes. 

Ever since having my first faint spell two months ago I knew there was something weird going on with this pregnancy.

When I got the call from my doctors office saying "your sugar levels for the three hour glucose test were high, please call the endocrinologist", I laughed out loud thinking 1) what the hell is an endocrinologist and 2) gestational diabetes...?    To be honest my knowledge of diabetes in general is very very minimal, let alone the affects that it can and will have on myself and my unborn child. 
I meet with the endocrinologist on Monday and my mind is racing with concerns and questions.  What can I eat, what can't I eat?  How will this effect my body long term?  How will it effect my little boy?  Is he healthy?  Is there anything I can do to make him more healthy?  Will this return?  If I have another child can I expect to be diabetic then too?  Is this a forever change in my body? But the question that weighs on me most is...why?  Why is this happening?  Why is my body reacting this way? Did I do something wrong, eat the wrong things, not exercise enough, gain to much weight too fast?  Was there any way to keep this from happening?  Why?

I wrote this post  about my mindset this pregnancy before having any idea of what was causing the severe fatigue and frequent feeling that I am going to pass out.  Now that I have the beginnings of an answer to why this pregnancy has felt more taxing than my pregnancy with Scarlett, I still feel no relief.  I know that I am probably just causing more worry than necessary, but right now I am anxious for answers and even more anxious to meet this baby boy.  To hopefully kiss his healthy chubby cheeks and know that these 9 months have been totally and completely worth it all.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Artist at heart...

This girl loves herself some finger paint and I love the 20 minutes of free time to wash the dishes plus the half hour bath time that follows. 

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Movie Monday...

We can thank Aunt Suzy for the musical selection...and the stellar dancing skills.

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