Friday, November 29, 2013

If all the disney princesses...

collaborated to create the most obnoxious piece of transportation...this would be it.

 photo 112_zps2d0a7a43.jpg

My mom and dad bought Scarlett a bike. We recommended something gender neutral, but they know Scarlett better than we do and went straight to the princess aisle.  They did a great job because this girl truly LOVES everything about this bike, mostly the fact that it is a combination of sparkles, jewels, and a overwhelming rainbow of pink and purple.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Birthday party...

We decided this year to have a combined birthday party for the kids.  After spending all week expecting it to rain and not planning anything, Friday came with clear skies and I was racing around trying to throw something together.  We ordered a bounce house, put a couple of crafts together, baked a cake, shopped for food and made it work.

The kids ran around like crazy monkeys and the parents just tried to keep track of which part of the house their littles were currently destroying.  While cleaning up the aftermath, Chris and I declared the party a success.

 photo 016_zpsf75bfc94.jpg photo party1_zpsac575f83.jpg photo 028_zps5fac2ae3.jpg photo party2_zpsd41230af.jpg photo 088_zps013643bb.jpg photo 087_zps06b536f2.jpg photo party3_zps9672e416.jpg photo party4_zps672705fc.jpg photo 085_zps252cd7ef.jpg photo 097_zpsdd01902a.jpg photo party6_zpse61bd59c.jpg photo 106_zpsad6e72ef.jpg

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I left for a minute and came back into the kitchen to find this -

 photo 226_zpse973dd05.jpg

Dominic had found Scarlett's left over breakfast and was determined to finish it. And so I let him.

 photo 227_zps30e89aa9.jpg photo 230_zps529a3b97.jpg photo 234_zps668ae414.jpg

Also, that same morning, he found his way into the bathtub and was immediately soaking wet.   And while at the store he squirmed his way out of the cart buckle and was seconds from toppling over the edge, if not for the attentive woman actually paying attention to him at the end of the aisle.   By his morning nap I was feeling a little overwhelmed by this sneaky little boy.

Friday, November 22, 2013

You can't stop Him...

Almost daily I look at Scarlett and tell her to stop growing.  I remind her that she is my little girl and that I want her to always be exactly that.  Yesterday, in a rousing game of pretend, titled "talking blanket", Scarlett was pretending to be my blanket (Scarlett: "mom, pretend I am your blanket...that talks", and so the pretending began).  As she was laying on me cuddled into a ball, I once again proceeded to ask her to stay this size forever:

Me - Scarlett, I want you to always be this size and always cuddle with me.
Scarlett - Mom, I just can't do that.  God made me so that I would grow. 
Me - Uh...why God, why? (said with dramatic sarcasm)
Scarlett - You just can't stop God

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Send a hug...

 photo 106_zps91a7c951.jpg

We are sending a hug to the kids Great Grandparents in Idaho.  What started as a project to entertain a antsy little girl will hopefully end with a smile on the faces of her Greats. 

And it goes without saying that 1) we love to send and receive mail and 2) we totally recommend this project.

What you need:

A large piece of butcher paper
Envelope for mailing

How to send a hug:
Roll out your paper, have your child lie down with arms spread wide and trace.  Using crayons, markers or pencils, let your little one add detail to their figure.  Roll (or fold) paper, stick it in an envelope and send.

 photo 110_zps7c7445bc.jpg photo 116_zps6910939a.jpg photo 112_zps2dd13b55.jpg